Friday, September 28, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Friday

I realized that I haven't done a gratefulness journal in a while, and I need to get back in the habit. It really does help me maintain a positive focus in my life, forcing me not to think about the negative things that I can't change.

So, today, I am truly grateful...

  1. For my daughters.
  2. For my husband.
  3. For my best friend.
  4. For our newest family member, sweet little Luna.
  5. When Juliana does her homework without argument.
  6. That so many moms showed up at the Brownies parent meeting last night.
  7. Lite -caffeine coffee, so that I'm not jacked up at bed time wondering why I can't sleep.
  8. Quick dinners.
  9. When Anneliese decides to enjoy a nap.
  10. When Gracie uses full sentences.
  11. That Luna-kitty brings out lots of vocalizing from Gracie.
  12. That Grace enjoys school.
  13. That Anna and Grace enjoy thursday morning play group as much as they do.
  14. That thursday morning play group is a FREE weekly activity with lots of other kids and parents.
  15. That I've been able to get out of the house more and more real life friends through Grace's preschool and through being a troop leader in Brownies this year.
  16. For my cell phone.
  17. For having a working car.
  18. For when my camera actually WORKS.
  19. That "a little BBQ sauce on anything" means Grace will probably eat it.
  20. That our new kitty loves me and loves to cuddle.
  21. That our new kitty is so smart and sweet with the best personality I've ever seen in an animal.
  22. That my SIL gave us a practically brand new pillow top mattress, and that since having it for the last month, my back pain is minimized dramatically.
  23. Blueberry Cobbler Coffee Mate Creamer. It is soooo good.
  24. That this keyboard works, even though one of the kids (Anneliese) spilled cola with blueberry creamer all over it yesterday, and the buttons stick a bit.
  25. That I don't have to do ANYTHING today or go anywhere tonight.

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