Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Inconvenient Tooth

I'm debating the need for corrective braces. I have this crooked tooth on the bottom in the front that seems to be getting more crooked, and another on top that seems more noticably crooked in pictures than ever. It's always been something I thought about fleetingly, but now I'm beginning to think I really need them. On top of that, the kids keep pointing out my "dirty tooth." I have this tooth on the bottom in the front that is permanently yellow as well as grooved. The discoloring is from a fevered illness I had as a baby, before the adult tooth came in, and the groove is from a fall I took on the driveway, hitting my teeth, again before the adult tooth came in. I just can't seem to justify the cost right now, and I don't think our insurance will cover much. We're already strapped for cash, so I have to wait until I go back to work.

I hate teeth, I really do. Which reminds me of a nightmare that I have occasionally. In this dream, all of my teeth shatter, leaving me to repeatedly try to spit out mouthfuls of tooth shards, and there's so much that even grains of tooth shards are stuck up between my lips and gums. Any dream interpreters out there?

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Megan said...

When teeth break in your dreams it's sign of anxiety you're feeling. They're unsettling, aren't they? I had them all the time when I was younger.