Monday, July 16, 2007

A New Group: Support For Autism In The Family

I just started a brand new group for parents who have autistic children and/or children with Asperger's Syndrome. Here's the board description:

"Our children have recently been diagnosed as having Autism. Some of our children have Asperger's Syndrome. Some of our children have been diagnosed for some time. We're here to be a support, a source of comfort, a place to vent, a place to share serious information, a place to find humor in the middle of an enigma that we're learning about every day. We're learning to cope with our special children, just as we're teaching our special children how to cope with the world."

If you're interested in joining us, just cut/paste the link below. If you think you know someone who would enjoy this new group, please feel free to forward them this link. We're brand new, just starting, and all who need the support and have information they'd like to sharem are welcome to join.

Group Owner

If the board takees off, we may eventually move to a more user-friendly bulletin board system such as InvisionFree, but for now, MySpace will do!

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