Monday, June 04, 2007

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Today, I am very grateful for...

  1. A nice cool day after a few really hot and humid days.
  2. My 3 beautiful daughters.
  3. How happy Grace is since taking her off of lactose.
  4. My husband.
  5. Having a full pantry and fridge again, after grocery shopping yesterday.
  6. Advil, for my thrown-out back.
  7. Delicious hot coffee.
  8. That Walmart finally has a generic version of Splenda so that I can afford it.
  9. Murphy's Oil Soap, to safely wash my wood floors today.
  10. A working clothes washer and dryer.
  11. A working dishwasher.
  12. That even though I threw my back out after weeding, trimming the hedges, and grocery shopping, my yard looks nice again.
  13. Getting to hear Anneliese giggle just because I kissed her.
  14. Nail glue, especially when I can't get my nails done regularly any more.
  15. Disposable diapers.
  16. Deodorant/antiperspirant. That stuff rocks. Especially Suave because it's inexpensive, smells pretty, and works well. I should be a paid spokesperson.
  17. Paper towels & toilet paper.
  18. Stop & Shop's organic line.
  19. That I met a new friend at the grocery store last night, and we exchanged phone numbers.
  20. That Grace has such a wonderful group of teachers this year, and that our preschool is so wonderful.

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