Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Wednesday

Oops, forgot to do this Monday. It's been VERY busy and I've been out of the house, and offline much of the time over the last several days. Oh well, here it is now.

I am truly, greatly grateful for:

  1. My three healthy, beautiful daughters.
  2. My husband.
  3. That Manny has been home in the evenings the last 2 weeks, even if it was from the car accident.
  4. That I have someone to share my life with, and who co-parents with me.
  5. That he wasn't at fault for the accident, and we'll get reimbursed for lost wages.
  6. My Mom.
  7. Fuzzy slippers.
  8. Coffee. With caffeine.
  9. That Grace's poop made it into the toilet today, and I haven't had to clean poop up yet for the day.
  10. That I'm not named a crappeigh name like Nevaeh.
  11. That we FINALLY have a printer that works well.
  12. My little Tinkerbell digital camera, because my Kodak is currently out of commission.
  13. That Grace wasn't seriously injured or killed in her fall down the stairs.
  14. Stickers and sticker charts to help in positive behavior modification.
  15. Seeing my girls play and laugh together.
  16. Having a closed in back porch on rainy days, so that the girls can still play "outside" and get some fresh air.
  17. That yesterday was a warm, sunny day so that after Grace's appointment with the GI nurse, Anneliese, Grace and I could have lunch at the park and play for an hour or two.
  18. My cell phone.
  19. DVR
  20. Caller ID & voicemail. ;-)

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