Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yonk Fest 2007: Day 2

Anneliese is not feeling well, the poor girl. Since she woke up yesterday morning, she's been yonking aka hurling aka vomitting. She can't even hold down water or electrolyte solution for more than half and hour. She was in a pretty good mood all day yesterday, until it came time for bed and she decided she was fed up with the whole thing. Today she's in a poor mood, understandably so. Juliana missed the bus this morning, so I had to pack all of them in the car to bring Juliana to school. Anneliese was NOT happy. Since we got home, she's been either sprawled across me or laying on the couch under a big comforter. She's having her 2nd nap of the day right now. I'm keeping Gracie home from school because I decided I just can't drag her out of the house again today, and of course if I do it once to drop Grace off, I have to do it again later to pick Grace up.

This is one of those parts of motherhood that while I knew it would happen and still agreed to sign on for, is very difficult for me to handle. I can handle them being sick, but the actual being-vomitted-on and cleaning-up-vomit is beyond my ability to tolerate well. If my husband isn't home, obviously I deal with it because I HAVE to. I just can't have two other children slipping and sliding around in watery vomit, or sitting on couch cushions damp with yonk. One at a time is enough, thank you very much.

Ugh, now I just made some crumb cake, which Grace asked for, but the little stinker went behind my back and cranked up the oven to BROIL so it's over-cooked and black on top. DAMN IT! I'm happy she's got an interest in cooking, but she knows at only 4 yrs old that she's NOT allowed to touch the stove for any reason.

Yesterday, in between Anneliese's yonking incidents, I decided to make some Italian bread. I've made it several times, and Grace often "helps" me and asks what I'm doing. She paid more attention than I thought, because when I cut the dough in half to create two loaves, she asked "Is it time to put the bread to bed so it can have a nap." I said "Yes, honey, it's time for the bread to rest."

She grinned because I understood her.


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