Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Woe Is Me, Whimper Whimper Whine Whine

Sucks to be me this week. I can whine if I want to, it's my blog. If you don't feel up to reading about me bitching about how crappy I feel, you might want to skip this post today.

It started last thursday or friday as sniffles and a slight sore throat, which I expected since Juliana was home sick for 2 days, and each of the kids went through the whole Booger Routine.

Since Monday, it's been getting harder and harder to breathe, and as of Tuesday (yesterday) the OTC meds that usually work on a cold stopped working. My Equate brand 12-hour Nose Spray is only working for a couple of hours, if that. My sinuses feel like they're on fire. If my nose gets stuffed up, it feels like someone surgically implanted rocks where my sinuses should be, and I can't even blow my nose when that happens.

Tuesday, I went upstairs around 4:30 to desperately try to find some medicine that would unstuff my nose. I briefly lay down on my bed, to find Anneliese next to me and snuggling saying "I sweep too Mommy!" I closed my eyes briefly, and suddenly it was 5:20 and Manny was home. The girls had brought red potatoes to my room, along with some pots and pans. I honestly didn't realize anything other than the fact that Anneliese was next to me and snuggling. Then, for the next 20 minutes or so, the girls screamed and jumped and played in our room and the upstairs hallway, excited that Manny was home, but they were loud enough that it hurt my eyes, and apparently I started crying so Manny called out of his night job last night. I closed my eyes at about 5:45 and didn't open them again until 8:40, when I went downstairs for a big mug of hot broth and a glass of ice water, where I found all 3 girls sleeping.

Juliana had fallen asleep snuggled on the couch, in a position where she could see Manny in the dining room. Grace actually fell asleep on the other couch, snuggled up with a blanket and her stuffed friends, which surprised me because she likes to stay up later so that we can have some alone time. Anneliese had crashed on Manny's chest while he was balancing the checkbook on the computer. I got my broth, my water, some Night Time Theraflu, and went back to bed. Manny even got up with Anneliese once when she woke from a nightmare.

Tonight, it's just me and the girls and a huge pot of soup. I can't let Manny stay home again tonight, although last night I really appreciated that he did.

So it's Wednesday, it's about 2:35 PM EST, and my nose is burning, stuffy, and my eyes burn with exhaustion. I have body aches and a headache from coughing and blowing my nose so much. I think I might be fevering a bit, although I'm comfortable in a chilly house right now. I dread leaving in a few minutes to go pick Grace up from school. When I come home, the plan is to make the soup, and then let it sit on the stove to cool. I'm going to try to lay down for a while after Juliana gets home, and encourage the girls to play in Juliana & Grace's room. Or maybe I'll just veg out at the computer, although I could seriously fall asleep right here and now at the desk.

Before I forget, we owe Grace's preschool her tuition from January. And February. But I can't find the checkbook. I'm too tired to figure out where it could be and where I've already looked.

We got a bill from Kasden, the Big Bad Evil Oil Delivery Company, for the $450 early termination fee (not paying it, dude) as well as a supposed additional $200 that they say we owe for the last oil delivery. We paid that off already, although I think it's too early to have received the cancelled check back from our bank. Unless they went ahead and delivered half a tank of oil after we told them to stop all deliveries, in which case we still don't owe them a penny because they would have delivered it after our cease and desist letter to them, declaring any oil deliveries after that letter would be at their own cost. Idiots. I'm too tired to figure out what exactly is going on there right now.

{{{Monumentally huge sigh}}}

My poor nose is so sore. And poor Anneliese has a drippy nose again, and complained when we were coming back in the house after dropping Grace at school that her ear hurt. I'm hoping it was only the cold wind going into her hood, but if it's an ear infection, it'll wait for her Friday 2 year well-child visit to check. If it's not gone by then, she'll need a prescription for it anyway. Poor kid. Speaking of, she's suddenly hitting the back of my chair and whining, so I'd better go give her some lovin'.

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