Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Mommy, We Need To Talk."

Ohhh this girl is so much like me, it makes me laugh sometimes. At only six years old, she has such a grasp of language. She can be as silly as the next first grader at any moment, and the next minute she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"Mommy, we need to talk. You always say if something bothers me I can tell you."

"Yes, honey, is something wrong?"

***long tangent about students cutting in line ensues, followed by complaints about Grace***

"OK, honey, is that what you wanted to talk about?"

"Yes Mommy. But then I was talking to Karla."

Here it comes.

"She told me that Santa ISN'T REAL! She said that Santa is just pretend and a character in a book. She said that Santa doesn't really do magic either."

"Hmmm. Well, what do YOU think, honey?"

"I told Karla that Santa Claus used to be named St. Nicholas and that he was a really rich orphan who felt bad for other kids and started giving them special toys every Christmas so that he could be like the Three Wise Men when they gave presents to baby Jesus. He's still alive because of special holiday magic."

"That's what you told her, huh? What else did you talk about?"

"I told her that you KNOW Santa Claus, and that sometimes you even help him!"

"OK, so what do you believe?"

"I KNOW he's real! But... Mommy, is he really real?"

"I can't tell you what to believe, sweetie, you have to decide that for yourself. But I'll tell you something, if you're willing to listen."

"OK Mommy."

"Do you know why grown-ups and older kids like Uncle Adam stop getting presents from Santa Claus?"

"No, Mommy. Why?"

"Because when some people grow up, they stop believing. And Santa Claus doesn't bring presents to kids that are so grown up they don't believe in him any more. The magic of believing is gone, so he brings gifts to the kids who still believe, and sometimes, he does need help from Mommies and Daddies."

"Wow, I knew it! I knew there was magic in believing!"

"So have you decided if you still believe in Santa?"

"Of course I do! I want to keep getting presents!"

And there it is, folks.

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