Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This recap was snagged with many thanks from SoapCentral.com, from the episode that I missed... 2/19/07. I'm still searching for the episode itself. Also, I saw the newest promo for Elizabeth and Jason... and she tells him TODAY when they're trapped in the elevator that he's the father of the baby.

No, I'm not a Bon Bon Soap Opera SAHM. But I can't say enough how hooked I am on this story line. I'm also happy that I did wait so long to watch all the episodes, because that meant I got to watch them all back to back without having to wait an entire day for the next chilling, emotional, intense, exciting episode. ;-) I have to say that the acting has been pretty phenomenal for this entire arc. One of my most heart-stopping moments was when the hostages sent Alan out of the hotel, and suddenly when the guns started firing, he clutched his chest in pain. And Luke's response: "OMG he's having a heart attack" while Emily's response was "THEY'RE SHOOTING AT HIM! MAKE THEM STOP!"

OK anyway, heh heh... I really am a bit disappointed that I missed yesterday's episode, but at least I know what happened. Someone, if you have the 2/19 episode I need it! Yes! Like an addict!

The Metro Court is a pile of rubble and bodies are everywhere. We are shown a
replay of the preceding events. Rescuers go inside to look for victims.

Patrick carries Robin to a gurney. Once at the hospital, Patrick
tells Kelly that Robin needs surgery. He is reassured when Robin wakes up. In
her hospital room after the surgery, Robin tells Patrick when a person saves
another person, they "own" them. Patrick kisses her.

Alan wakes up
in the hospital. Monica explains to him what has happened and about his
condition. He tells Monica about what happened in the hotel and then tells her
that he wants to see his children, including AJ but then later realizes that AJ
is dead. He tells Monica that he regrets the way things were with AJ and Jason
and, not knowing otherwise, wonders if he is the reason that Jason didn't come
to the Metro Court. Back at Metro Court, Skye arrives and Ric gives her an
update on the rescue efforts and those that have been removed from the rubble so

Elizabeth and a masked man appear to have been thrown into the
elevator from the blast. Elizabeth is scared but is quickly relieved when he
removes his mask and it is Jason. They talk about everything that has happened
and Jason feels guilty that he didn't do more to help. Elizabeth reassures him
that he did everything he could. They talk about Sam and Jason wonders if she is

Within the rubble, Lucky finds Emily and medical personnel
help to free her. The rescuers are seen removing Father Ruiz from the debris.
Maxie and Three are also seen in the debris. Maxie tells Three to remove his
mask and clothes and tell the rescuers that he was a hostage. Outside, Sam and
Alexis try to hold Nikolas back from going inside to look for Emily. Lucky comes
out and tells him they found her and a few minutes later, Emily emerges from the
hotel and is reunited with Nikolas while Sam looks on, worried about Jason.
Maxie is reunited with Mac and Georgie as she watches Three walk away. Luke is
seen still handcuffed to the building across the street. He is frantic about
Lulu and convinces Dillon to help him get released, which he does. Luke heads
into the building.

Sonny wakes up and finds Carly in the rubble. He
is able to wake her up. As they head out, Carly finds a gun in the debris. Mr.
Craig is also seen within the rubble. He wakes up and finds the suitcase close
by. He resets the timer. As he stands up, Six grabs his leg and tells him not to
leave without her. He says he is already late and turns to leave but is shot by
Sonny. As Carly grabs the suitcase, Mr. Craig gets back up and reveals his
bulletproof vest on.

The rescuers are nearby and start shuffling
through debris. It appears that they have accidentally removed part of the
support beam and debris starts falling. Within the elevator that Elizabeth and
Jason are in, they feel the rumble. Elizabeth feels the baby kick and she has
Jason feel it. She then tells him that he is the reason the baby is alive and
that he, not Lucky, is the father of her baby.

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