Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yes, It's a BIG DEAL!

I can't believe I didn't blog about this. On Christmas Day, in the evening, Juliana was eating some pepperoni pie my dad had sent home with us. She thought it felt funny biting into it, and it turns out she has her very first loose tooth! How exciting is that? It's the lower, front, right tooth. She's nervous about pain, so she hasn't been wiggling it to death, and she's very nervous about whether or not there will be blood and a hole in her gums when it comes out.

Then this past Monday, Juliana discovered that the other lower, front tooth but on the left is now also loose! Today, it's even more loose than the first one. It's practically ready to come out, but if she bends it down too far, it still hurts so it's not quite ready.

It's funny that she's not in a rush to have the teeth fall out now that they're actually wiggly. She's been so eager for the past year to have a loose tooth and put it under her pillow, but now that it's happening, she's just happy that she's got The Wiggling going on. I give the first tooth to actually fall out until Saturday or Sunday. I'd bet dollars to chocolate bars.

So how much does the Tooth Fairy drop per tooth these days? My friend Josie says her daughter has gotten upwards of $35 per tooth so far, thanks to her sisters and mother sneaking in and stuffing bills under her pillow (Josie and her kids live with her mom). Josie herself has contributed $5 per tooth to the Tooth Fairy Fund. I can tell you right now, $35/tooth is soooo not happening in this house. In all seriousness, what should Ms Tooth Fairy be slipping under the pillow?


Jackie said...

I always got a buck. Sometimes MAYBE 5 as I got older and a Buck didn't have as much weight...but 35???? good lord. That's just spoiling...


Jennifer said...

Wow, the tooth fairy at my house SUCKED! We got a quarter per tooth. Damn, $35 a tooth!?!? Seriously, wow. Even $5 is crazy IMO.
Also, CONGRATS Julianna!!