Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Gonna Kick Some Oil Company Azz

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And Then God Said "Let There Be Heat!"

We want out of our contract with Kasden, as I mentioned before. Of course, we need to make sure that Curley's isn't going to screw us over too with something else, but I doubt it could be much worse than what Kasden is doing. Kasden sucks donkey balls, and they're giving off a very snake-oil salesmen vibe. I haven't liked them from the start, but Manny insisted. He also didn't do much in the way of researching this company either. Since I'm on the husband portion of this rant, let me bitch about how although Kasden offered him a service contract in addition to the oil delivery contract, he refused it even with the history of this furnace needing TLC. It's been TWO YEARS since it was cleaned out and checked to see if it needed anything fixed or replaced. The cleaning and labor "could have" been covered under a service contract while we just paid for repairs and parts. Whatever. I'm just grateful to have heat, especially with an approaching snow storm.

My mom works for the state prosecutor for the Department of Housing and Development, so she works closely with the Supervisory Assistant State Attorney. The SASA is awesome. I talked to her this morning, and she asked me to send her a copy of our contract with Kasden to see if there were any way to get out of having to pay the $450 penalty for breaking the contract. I had hoped we'd get them on an assumption for service in the case of emergency, but it's so much better than that.

  1. Manny is the only one who signed the contract. Our copy of the contract has only his signature. Kasden did NOT sign the contract. There is no such thing as a one-way contract. That alone makes the contract void.
  2. The number of barrels they purchase is based on the number of barrels/gallons you used the prior year, in particular if you were in business the prior year. We DID have them last year, so they had to have based how many barrels they bought for us on last year. That information MUST be in the contract. It's not.
  3. The number of barrels that are bought "with your name on them" must be stated in the contract as well. For instance, if you used 100 barrels of oil last year, then they'd buy 100 barrels this year. You have to pay $2.79 (our cost per gallon) UP TO 100 barrels. If the price in the market skyrockets, they can't charge us over that $2.79 unless you use up the 100 barrels they ordered for you. So that 100 barrels MUST be printed on the contract. That space in the contract looks like this: _____ barrels. HA HA HA! Dumbasses. That means we're obligated to pay $2.79 on ZERO barrels since they didn't put any number at all in that space.
  4. They were not available for an emergency service call because their answering service NEVER ANSWERED THE PHONE to take a message. Phone records would prove that I tried to call, and how long I was left on hold waiting for the answering service to pick up.

This is all based on Chapter 296a, statute 16a-23n. Good stuff, that. I have to draft a letter to terminate the service.

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