Monday, December 11, 2006

'Tis The Snoweflakey Season

Even though New England isn't getting much (if anything more than a flurry occasionally) snow, you can still let your home-made (ok, online-made) snowflakes fill the sky!

Interesting to note, though not my reason for using this site to make my pretty flakes, is that Snow Days will increase their donatation to the Salvation Army for the holidays with each flake that's made. Even if you're not into helping out the Salvation Army, the site is still really fun and the snowflakes are really pretty. You can post a message with each flake that you make.

If you're wondering why I'm not huge into donating to the Salvation Army, it's because they're religiously based and the profits don't necessarily go towards charities for those in need. Donations go towards the Salvation Army itself, some of whom may be in need, but they're not a social organization such as The American Red Cross in the sense that many people believe. Their motto is "Committed to Doing the Most Goodwith your contributions of money, time, and resources" but just keep in mind that they ARE a religious group. Their members are most often Methodist "soldiers" with a mission. I have nothing against them, truly... I think they do good work.

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