Friday, December 22, 2006

Gratefulness Journal FRIDAY 12/22/06

Today, just 4 days before Christmas, I am very grateful for...

  1. My 3 darling, beautiful, smart, silly daughters.
  2. My handsome, generous, hard-working husband.
  3. My parents.
  4. Most of my in-laws.
  5. My close friends.
  6. Friends that aren't so close any more, but are still in touch.
  7. My online friends.
  8. Having a safe, warm house to live in.
  9. My cozy bed, even though that mattress has just about had it.
  10. Knowing that all of my family and friends are safe and sound.
  11. COFFEE
  12. Finally having coffee filters and not having to drink crappy instant coffee any more this week.
  13. My Mr Coffee maker.
  14. The simple joy Juliana has in having a new set of pajamas, and being able to participate in School Spirit day today and wear her new pajamas to school.
  15. my fuzzy slippers.
  16. Having 40ยบ weather, partly cloudy skies, and NO BLIZZARD CONDITIONS.
  17. My daughters' teachers.
  18. cold medicine, since I'm getting sick AGAIN (yes again, damn it)
  19. The warm fuzzy feeling I get when I hear Anneliese say "Muh-meee."
  20. The excitement and anticipation the girls feel knowing Christmas is coming.
  21. Having most of our holiday shopping over with and paid for.
  22. Help we received from family and friends in putting gifts under the tree... thank you so very much.
  23. Living in a country that allows each and every one of us to practive our faiths and celebrate Christmas or nothing at all, and to celebrate it in our own special way.
  24. Our mailman.
  25. Our trash collectors and recyling collectors.
  26. Blue's Clues & Backyardigans.
  27. Toilet paper and paper towels.
  28. Pretty jewelry, most especially my wedding rings.
  29. Comfy sweat pants.
  30. The "off" button when Christmas music has just been on too... darned... long.

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