Monday, December 11, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 12/11/06

You know, I don't remember if I did this on Friday or not? Oh well, it's Monday and here I am. I'm very grateful for:

  1. My IL's.
  2. My parents.
  3. My SILs & BIL's.
  4. My nieces and nephew.
  5. My 3 fabulous, smart, healthy, silly daughters.
  6. My wonderful husband.
  7. My best friend.
  8. My good friends.
  9. That my mom gave me some coffee filters to get through this week until I can buy more.
  10. coffee with fat free half&half.
  11. cold medicine.
  12. cough medicine.
  13. Advil.
  14. toilet paper.
  15. my vacuum cleaner.
  16. my Hoover Floor-mate for wet messes, oy you have no idea.
  17. paper towels.
  18. elecricity.
  19. passing the CL&P pre-employment test.
  20. gloves, hats and scarves.
  21. that Wal*Mart carries children's boots.
  22. coupons and sales.
  23. new fuzzy slippers, since my old ones fell apart.
  24. cups with built-in straws for kids.
  25. straw sippy cups too
  26. Tax programs to figure out the math for you.
  27. that there's music other than Christmas music in the world.
  28. telephones & cell phones
  29. toilet paper!!!
  30. diapers.
  31. underwear.
  32. shoes & socks.
  33. hair elastics.
  34. bottled milk.
  35. pencil sharpeners, especially after not having one for a while.
  36. my digital camera!!!!!
  37. volume control
  39. $100 Amazon gift certificate from BNW just for being a mod & PNA team leader
  40. Paxil & Atavan

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