Monday, December 04, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 12/04/06

I am so very, truly grateful for:

  1. When Advil is on sale at Walmart.
  2. ADVIL. Period.
  3. My beautiful, smart daughters.
  4. My handsome, generous husband.
  5. Fat free milk.
  6. Fat free half & half.
  7. Hot coffee in a hot mug at a cold bus stop.
  8. Paxil.
  9. Littlest Petshop's ability to keep the girls busy for over an hour at a time.
  10. Homemade soup.
  11. Shelf-stable tortellini.
  12. Hot showers.
  13. Working heat.
  14. Literate and opinionated friends.
  15. Fuzzy slippers.
  16. Spoons.
  17. Soap.
  18. Google.
  19. Children's Bendryl.
  20. The fact that Ranch dressing makes a great dip for picky kids.
  22. The fact that my computer can play CD's and DVD's
  23. hair conditioner.
  24. tooth paste.
  25. that Crest mouthwash stuff that kills germs without the alcohol... like Listerine but without the burning.

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