Friday, December 08, 2006


I got home a little while ago from taking the pre-employment test at CL&P this morning. I had to be there for 8:45 am and was early. The test administrator was late, so we didn't start the test until at least 9:00 am. It was basically about understanding company policy, seeing how quickly you could type information into the system during fake phone calls, and how good your math was based on the horrible math instructions that didn't even have defined formulas. Each section of the test was timed, and on many of the answers, I ran out of time and/or the system froze and wouldn't let me add or change an answer. I was sure I failed. I finished just before noon and was able to get my test results within 10 minutes afterwards.

I passed! I have no idea what the score was, but the administrator said that all that mattered was passing. I have an interview scheduled for next thursday at 1:00. Eek!

So last night, I had to explain to the kids how Daddy would be getting Juliana ready for school and bringing her to the bus, and probably bringing Grace to school too. Obviously, Juliana had to know why her cozy, comfortable routine was being disrupted, so I told her I had a special test to take to figure out if Mommy is ready to go back to work or not. She was excited at first, but then quickly became upset at the perceived loss of time we'd get to spend together, and the change in routines that would happen. I explained that if I go back to work, it would be at night so I'd still be home during the day, and Daddy would be home at night. Knowing her father well, she said "But who'll cook us dinner and make us go to bed IN our own beds?" Heh heh, Daddy doesn't cook (Velveeta Mac'n'Cheese is an adventure) and lets them fall asleep on him and/or the couches. She's really not happy about the thought of this, but honestly, neither am I. If this works out, then it'll be because we really need the $$ right now, and it'll help relieve some stress for Manny.

Manny did a great job with the girls this morning. He put together Juliana's lunch and got her to the bus after I left. When I got home, they were just about to leave to drop Grace off at school, so I took Anneliese back into the house. She was PISSED because she wanted DADDY. When we got inside, Anneliese proceeded to throw a tantrum and wouldn't let me take her coat off. She ended up tantruming herself to sleep and wouldn't let me touch her because she didn't want me. She's awake and cheerful now, but when that girl gets angry, you'd better watch out. She'll tear your damn head off. Now, I had gotten outfits together for Juliana and Grace for school, so all Manny had to do was get Anneliese an outfit and get socks and shoes and coats for the girls. Anneliese is wearing pants that are a little too small, with a shirt that's a little too small and doesn't match. Her coat was also too small. She looks like a hobo, but since Daddy dressed her, I can't take her stuff off. It's kind of sweet that she still thinks anything Daddy does is perfect.

So now it's friday, and Manny tidies up the house for me so there's a huge chore done and I have nothing to do tonight. I *think* Manny is working tonight, plus I'm broke, so I suppose it doesn't matter. Ah well. I sure could use a drink.

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