Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Does This Count As "Pampering???"

During the days of Worry Free Finances, I get my hair trimmed and/or cut every six weeks. At other times, when finances are tighter, I can manage going eight weeks or so, but I wouldn't recommend it. Well, I've gone about nine weeks and I literally can't do ANYTHING with my hair. The ends are splitting and are fried, and there's no style left in it at all. I even trimmed my bangs myself about 2 weeks ago, but that little self-maintenance has lost it's usefulness. I did this to myself, waiting nine whole weeks, because I didn't want to stress Manny out financially and because he asked me nicely if I could reschedule. So I did, and my hair is a flat, listless, trailer-trash mess.

I usually get my hair done on a Saturday when Manny is supposed to be home so that I can go alone. This accomplishes three things: I get some alone-time, I get properly pampered, and while my stylist doesn't have to rush, we don't get interrupted constantly from The Tiny People aka my children.

Today, I may have no choice but to take two of the Tiny People with me, unless Manny is willing to have his lunch break at home to stay with them. I already managed to have the appointment moved up from 3:00 pm (I'd be really close in getting Juliana off the bus at 3:50) to 12:45 pm. If I have to take them with me, I just really hope they behave. I'm thinking of letting them stay strapped into the double stroller so that I don't have to worry about chasing them around or having them get into trouble while I'm in the chair. Even if they behave like perfect little angels, I'll still be anxious about bringing them because, well, it's not easy bringing two small children to an appointment dedicated solely to attempting to make Mommeigh pretty. Under such circumstances, does this scenario actually count as Pampering Mommeigh? Or do I have some ammunition to get some true Pamper Mommeigh Time at a later date?

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