Thursday, October 05, 2006


I figured it's about that time. I know I posted about the incident with my MIL, and if you recall, at the time of the incident, I was -18.5 since my weight loss journey began back in April. Well, I took a shower a little while ago and weighed myself right before and I am now OFFICIALLY -20 POUNDS! WHOO HOO! I even have a new ticker to show it off. I'm very proud of this milestone, and it simply motivates me to keep going. It's slow going, but it's going and that's what counts. Yay me!


Sarah said...

CONGRATS on the weightloss! You go girl! :) So you've lost 20 pounds...I thought your original goal was 75 pounds...then wouldn't you only have 55 pounds to go? On your ticker it says you have 75 pounds to go, did you up your goal? ANYWAY, congartulations hun, you keep at it girl! :)

Hugs, Sarah

~Jessica~ said...

Originally it was only a 75 lb goal, but I figured if I could do 75 lbs then why not 95 lbs? Why not shoot for reaching a goal weight of 150? That would give me an even year, and I could adjust my goal when I reach a year if I have to.