Thursday, October 19, 2006

Last Night Was Cheetah-Licious!!!

Manny and I took Juliana, Grace, Nate, and Tracy to see the Cheetah Girls concert last night because (ahem) we won grande prize tickets from a local radio station for: a limo ride to and from the concert; a pizza party; photo op with the Cheetah Girls; concert tickets in the executive suite at the Civic Center! It was so much fun! The kids had a great time and I think it was the experience of Juliana's life to actually meet and talk to the Cheetah Girls. The promotions director hopefully will e-mail me the photo that was taken, but I did take my own of just the Cheetah Girls, which is in the montage. I took the chance to tell the Cheetah Girls "thank you" for being such great role models and putting out the Girl Power message. There was even a song about not needing a guy to rescue herself... that she can do it herself.

Anyway, I realize the song in the montage isn't Cheetah Girls but I couldn't find a free download to upload to OneTrueMedia heh heh.

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