Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quoted Post: Equal Opportunity Religious Thug Hater...

Thanks to Allie for letting me use her blog as a quote!

Allie D. - Equal Opportunity Religious Thug Hater...

You know how when a couple of kids start picking on each other and then end up in an all-out brawl in the middle of the living room floor, clawing, biting, pulling hair, and screaming like a couple of minxes in heat you get to a point where it doesn't even matter WHO started it and you instead admonish (or perhaps beat the asses of) both kids and send them to their rooms?

That's pretty much how I feel about the Middle East.

And to all of you who cry "Anti-Semite!"at such a statement, I say to you: Grow the fuck up already. Criticizing current policy (like, I dunno, using a high-powered missle to take out a guy on a donkey) does NOT mean that I favor denying the Holocaust and the extermination of the Jewish race.

On the same token, those who call me a "Terrorist Enabler" can go fuck themselves. I have no sympathy for ANYONE who straps a bomb to themselves and takes innocent people along for the explosive ride. People who are that crazy this world can do without. I just wish they would take the Jonestown approach, down some poisoned Kool-Aid and be done with their miserable existences already.

To all the rest of you precious few who are able to think rationally and critically on this issue, I hope that before the desert over there gets turned into a giant glass bowl, that you will just put your weapons down and fucking GROW. UP.

Let's say there IS a God. And let's say that he really did promise this land over there to only ONE of you thousands of years ago. Do you honestly think he'd really want ANY of you to have it now after all of the atrocities you've committed in its name? After the blood you've allowed to be soaked into its soil? I think he'd just say "Sorry guys, you totally fucked this up. No soup for you!" I can only hope so, because otherwise I'd rather be an atheist.

It's no longer a matter of "who started it". This issue has become so tangled, so convoluted, so hopeless that the ONLY thing we should be trying to figure out now is how to make grown, stupid men learn how to swallow a few millenia worth of pride and stop with the fighting already.

Either that, or just hurry up and finish up with killing each other so the rest of us sane, rational people can get on with our lives. And take your oil.

Thank you.


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God I'm so bad at keeping up on blogs lately!! :) Thank you for the acknowledgement, Jessie! It means a lot. I just now saw it. I've been having a blast catching up on your site. Your girls are getting so BIG!!!