Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vacation July 2006

Ahhhh it's almost over. Just one day left. It's been a wonderful week, even though we didn't really get away. We made a couple of day trips, nothing overnight, but it was still great. Here's a brief rundown, I may post with some details later:

Sunday: Picnic & some fireworks at SIL's house. Kids played on slip & slide for HOURS.

Monday: Cleaned house, blech that was't fun. Manny had to work that night anyway.

Tuesday: Grocery shopping and then had our best friends over for a picnic. We took all of the kids to Bushnell Park to ride the big carousel a few times, and then had some yummy picnic food. Later, we had some fireworks in the driveway for all of the kids.

Wednesday: vegged out. Manny ran a few errands with Juliana but it was just a do-nothing day.

Thursday: We took the kids to Lake Compounce Amusement Park and had such a good time! I wish my camera had been charged and working!

Friday: I took Grace to the dr in the a.m. because she got her thumb infected, but then we took the girls to Harkness Park for a picnic, then spent a couple of hours on the beach. Later in the evening, I went to see Big Shot Tribute Band with my best friend at the town green. It was awesome, they were fantastic, and it was nice getting out without the girls for a while. I came home and everyone was asleep!

Saturday: nothing much today. I'll be making brownies to bring to my mom's for a picnic tomorrow, and probably something for a side dish. I'm about to make dinner on the grill so I'll be getting offline in a minute.

Sunday: going to my mom's for a picnic, then later in the evening we're taking to girls to see "real" fireworks a couple towns over with my best friend's family again.

And believe it or not, but I didn't post on BBC AT ALL this week! I finally broke down tonight and posted on a couple threads on the Recipe Board and on one thread on the Feb. I didn't think I could do it, but being out of the house sure helped heh heh. I have to say that we did a LOT of walking this past week, and my legs are SORE. Good sore. Good tired. It was a great week. My only "regret" (not a regret, really because remember, I don't do regrets) is that my camera dock isn't working to charge my camera. I have to send it out to Kodak on Monday and as long as I pay shipping they're going to replace my dock FOR FREE! That's great because I don't have $100+ to blow right now ;-)

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