Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hump Day Is Almost Over, Thank God

After a couple of days of relative relief from the heat, it was close to 90º today. It was humid and cloudy but still bright. If you stood in the sun, it was grotesquely unbearable and you started to sweat immediately. If you stayed in the shade, there was a nice breeze and it was not only tolerable, but nice. As long as you didn't run around or exert yourself too much. There was a threat of thunderstorms all afternoon, and probably through this evening, but thankfully we missed one that caused some severe damage a couple of towns over. We were also lucky enough to miss the downpours that happened at home because we had a play date with my SIL Lorena and her two daughters today.

It was really nice, and the girls had a lot of fun. My MIL and FIL were there for a while to visit with the girls, since weekend dinners at their house are still a no-go after the Flood of Poo incident I wrote about a few blogs ago. Anneliese has been going through a shy phase lately with anyone who doesn't live in our house, but my MIL learned a dirty trick to get Grace talking to her AND to get Anneliese to show off and blow her kisses. She brought lollipops. At first I was a bit bothered that she just gave Anneliese a lollipop without even asking me first (it was her 1st one ever) but MIL was so happy when Anneliese blew her kisses and said "Dan yooo!" for "thank you" that I decided to bite my tongue.

My nieces are adorable, BTW. Carina looks just like her Daddy, but has her Mommy's mannerisms and way of speaking, even at almost-4 yrs old. Samantha is 7 months old and is so sweet and shy that she really makes me want another baby. I miss the new baby stages so much! But then my girls all start to clamor for attention or there's a screaming contest and I'm cured, at least until the next visit, of Baby-making Lust. {{{sigh}}} I think I've pretty much decided that as much as I want one more baby, as much as it feels like someone is missing from our family, I would probably go nutters with one more.

I still go back and forth about this feeling of needing another baby to complete our family, and I'm feeling it less often, but I sincerely doubt the feeling will ever go away completely. I just don't think I would be as good of a mother to 4 as I am for 3. Yet I know I'd be a good mom to 4. I know we could really handle it. Do I want to handle it though, that's what I'm struggling with. Manny says no way, no how. In a way, I suppose I'm happy now that he made the decision for both of us, because who knows what kind of trouble I'd get us into? I know I was angry about it before, I felt like he took the decision away, and I still feel gipped but it's starting to feel different. I'm just not as angry about it. For now, I'll just have to get my baby fix through my niece. I saw a newborn baby boy at Walmart today, he was only 3 weeks old and so tiny! I just wanted to smell his hair and kiss his little toes and cheeks but his mother would have had me arrested ;-). It's times like that when I feel the Baby-making Lust strongest, I guess.

Anyway, the kids had a great time at the play date. We went outside in the back yard, and once the girls were all off the porch, I noticed a bees nest under one of the stairs. There's a play kitchen on the porch, and at one point Grace went back up the porch stairs (we were sitting under a tree in the shade talking) even though I told her not to. It started getting just too hot, so we went around to the front door to go in to avoid the bees as they busily built their nest on that stair. The plan was to go back through the house and open the porch door rather than go up the stairs and indoors that way.

Anneliese saw Grace on the porch, and decided to try to go see her sister because suddenly, we could hear Grace crying (we were edging towards the side door). My fear was that the bees had followed her. When I ran back to the porch, Anneliese was a good 2 steps ahead of me and started up the stairs. I saw a bee buzzing around her hand, but grabbed her. She started to scream and cry, yelling "DRACE! MAMMA!" because, I thought, she was worried for her big sister. Grace started to cry harder, screaming in between sobs, and was trying desperately to take off her sandals. I shoved Anneliese into Lorena's arm (she was holding a very heavy Samantha remember) and took off to get Grace. Every time she tried to get down the stairs, the bees blocked her and tried to drive her backwars. She backed up, and as the bees settled back to the nest, I ran over the steps and even that pissed them off and they started to come after me.

Now, I'm very allergic to bees, and if I get stung I have to get to the ER. Grace is allergic too, and the last time she got stung she ended up with Dermatitis. She almost had dermatitis from a mosquito bite, for goodness sake. So my brain is flying and I scooped Grace up and just struggled with the sliding door for a moment. Grace screaming and crying, turning red, shaking with fear. We get inside and Anneliese is giving Lorena a hell of a time trying to get to me. The 2 of them were competing for my lap, although Grace wanted me to help her yet not touch her. I knew she had been stung. One of the bees got her under the sandal strap near her ankle. Thank God it was only one sting, and luckily the stinger was NOT in there. I struggled with my diaper bag to find the Cortisone + Hydrocortisone that I keep at all times JIC of instances like this.

The whole time I'm looking for the medicine, Lorena is looking for Benedryl, but I knew that Grace wouldn't drink it. Throughout what was the longest 2 minutes of my life worrying for Grace and looking for the medicine, Anneliese was screaming and insisting I hold her. Grace wanted the pain to stop, but didn't want me to touch her sting, so I just put the cream on her finger and told her to put it wherever it hurt. My sweet Gracie did it. Thankfully, the swelling reduced rather quickly, although the poor kid is still sensitive there.

After that little fire was out, Anneliese was still crying, and I noticed her index finger was red. During the scuffle of competing for me, I thought Grace had stepped on Anneliese's finger until I noticed in that moment that there was a sting site on the inside of her index finger and it was swelling and turning bright red. Holy crap. So out came the cream again.

Please God, don't ever let that happen again.

We left and had to stop at Walmart for a hand mixer since my other one burned out. We saw Matt there, then left and proceeded to get stuck in traffic on the way home, but thankfully that helped us miss the severe t-storms and heavy rains.

And you thought being a SAHM was boring. Bah.

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