Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That Was a Compliment, I'm Sure Of It

OK time for an odd little interaction I had with Juliana this morning. I've decided it was a compliment.

I took a shower with the girls this morning, and since I don't have a scale I don't have any real way of noticing a weight change yet. Well, during the shower Juliana declared "Hey Mommy, are you getting skinny or something?" "Why, sweetie?" "Because you don't look like you're having another baby any more!"

Uhhhh thanks, I think! So after the shower I checked in the mirror and don't ya know, my "love handles" are already going down and my belly isn't "quite" as flabby. I also checked the area where the bra straps are in the back, you know, that fatty spot under the shoulder blades and between the arm pit? Diminishing! Whoo hoo! Oh yeah, and the obligatory "Sorry for the description and TMI" but I'm excited about this. It's only been a week!

All I've done so far is rearrange my eating habits. I've been making sure to get all of my calories before 6:00 or 6:30 pm and that's helping me keep from snacking late at night. I'm also drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of fiber during the day. I have no idea how much weight this translates to, it's just nice SEEING something happening. YAY ME! I feel GREAT today!

How sad is it though that for so many of us, our moods depend on how we look? On our weight? On our perception of weight gain or weight loss? If I'd gotten up today, gotten dressed and felt my Fat Pants were tighter rather than looser, I'm positive that there's no amount of Paxil on Earth that would have me in a good mood today. I'd be cranky and depressed and angry. I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, because I AM working hard at this Non-Diet Diet. I suppose it also helps that Manny and I aren't feeling so stressed now that he's started his new job at night at Lowe's. The finances are still tight but at least we know there's relief in sight once he gets his first paycheck. Plus our taxes were FINALLY done (there was a glitch with the submissions online for some reason) so we should get our tax return within the week. GAH how I hate how finances rule our lives! It sucks! I know I should just be thankful that we have a nice home and beautiful daughters, but it really would be nice not to have to ever worry about money again. It sucks having to tell the girls that we can't do something in particular, just because we don't have the money. But ya know what? Life IS good and I do love my life.

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