Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And The Animals Came 2 By 2...

We are now on our 10th straight day of rain. Rivers are flooding, basements are flooding (although ours is nice and dry) and streets are flooding. It's gray, dank, chilly and cabin-fever-inducing. I know I've got bad cabin fever because our yard is swampy and looks like we're growing some prehistoric plants back there. The plants are loving it because whatever wasn't budding or blooming before is lush and green now. Other than everyone's apparent crankiness and cabin fever, people are irritated and upset and the thousands of dollars of damage the rain is doing to their basements and yards. I'm also pretty sure that I saw a couple of giraffes and elephants floating by on some sort of large boat. An Ark, you say? Eh, probably. It wouldn't surprise me.

After 10 days of rain without a peek of sunshine, I'm craving the sun. I want to feel it wash over me and burn the grimy gray away. I've always felt that my moods were connected to the weather. I was diagnosed early on as having S.A.D., which doesn't surprise me considering my predisposition for depression and anxiety. I would love just 15 minutes of sun breaking through the clouds even if it means more rain for the rest of the week! Just let me know that there still IS a sun!

Juliana has a field trip today to go see her 1st grade grade classroom and teachers for next year. I think I'm more excited about it than she is, and I'm not even chaperoning it!

Oh, along the lines of flooding, but not... MIL lives off of a main highway. There's construction going on, so the main access/entrance has been closed off by barriers and dug-up earth. Well, somehow, on Friday the construction workers hit the sewage lines and my IL's basement ended up flooded with, um, shit. The basement was partially finished with a complete kitchen on one side, and a living room arrangement complete with a TV other side. That was just half of the basement. The other half had a full bathroom, laundry room, and storage area. All ruined. They even need a new clothes washer and dryer. MIL does about 5 loads of laundry a day. The sanitation workers came and removed everything that they could move, and then sanitized everything except they didn't do such a good job fixing the problem because FIL found more on Sunday. The city has to pay damages and replace everything. No one is allowed in the basement, which of course FIL won't listen to and he's so beside himself about it all. He wants to try to fix it and clean it, even though he can't go near it. I'm just waiting for the call that he's in the hospital sick from trying to fix someone else's shitty problem. I hope it's fixed soon, for good, because it's getting ridiculous over there. My IL's don't want anyone in the house until it's done.

Ah well, I have to finish getting Juliana ready for school, then get the other 2 some lunch and a nap.

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