Monday, March 20, 2006

Follow Up With SAT

This is just c/p'd from BBC so that I don't have to retype it all over again. I'll post more details later if I can.

Around 2:00 pm:
I have a follow up meeting with Juliana's SAT team this afternoon, so I'm getting a bit antsy. I'll be off most of the afternoon, just wanted to give you a heads up. I'll post what happens later on.Manny (DH) actually took a half day today so that he can attend the meeting with Juliana's teacher, the school social worker, the school principal, and the school psychologist. They observed her (if you recall her behavior and "attitude" issues and authority problems) and today's meeting is to discuss what they observed and then discussed with each other after the observation period. We'll also discuss the behavior plan, if there is one.OK my legs are all jittery, I can't stop biting my lips (getting bloody, great) so I'm going to go calm down in the shower and then get the little ones dressed. They'll be in the play group room next to our conference room.

4:45 pm:
Hey we just got back, we decided to run an errand afterwards since we were all in the car at the same time Today pretty much set the stage for getting her more formally assessed. She was informally assessed and each of her teachers basically all were noticing the same issues in each of her classes. So if it's a personality thing, it's HER personality and not necessarily a clash with the teachers specifically. I do think there's a chance that she has Oppositional Defiance Disorder though, and that's probably something she'll be assessed on. We all just needed to know what they informally observed and what we think the next step should be. We have to fill out something that amounts to a personality profile and her milestone history, etc. After this formal assessment we'll meet AGAIN to discuss how to proceed.They did say that she's clearly very smart, but the problems are focusing and following through with directions. She also seems to think she's equal to adults in the sense of making her own decisions and doing things "her own way." Here's a link to my blog with some additional detail, except that I was confused about when certain assessments would be done. I posted this after our last meeting with her teachers.

So really, the saga continues and today didn't SOLVE anything but it got us a better understanding of what the school is looking at and what they consider a real problem. I'll try to post more details later if I can, or I'll just blog it... but I have to deal with a screechy Gracie and make dinner. Thanks so much for the positive thoughts! I do appreciate them!

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