Monday, March 06, 2006

Called Home to Heaven; Francesco Passannisi, Syracusa Italy

Manny's grandfather passed away yesterday morning. He'd been having a rough few days, from what I hear, and didn't know who anyone was. He was 92 yrs old. Francesco Passanisi of Syracusa, Italy. Manny has fond memories of him, and was touched with some sadness but I haven't seen him cry yet. I'm not sure I will. Maybe because he hadn't seen his grandfather in at least 15 years, because he still lived back in Italy. He had nothing but happy memories, which is a GREAT thing. We visited MIL after dinner with my mom's just to pay our respects to her, and FIL's sisters were there and fussed over the girls. MIL just sort of quietly smiled over the girls, but still was so sad. She won't be able to make it to Italy for the services, and I know that makes her sad. I know she wishes she were there when it happened because in this family, if you're able, you're at the dying person's bedside. Of course she wasn't able but that won't stop her from feeling guilty about not being there for his death or the services.

I wish I had met him, because he sounds like he was a trip. He would have adored the girls, and I'm sure he'd have teased Manny about having all daughters because HE had all daughters too. I think maybe one son and 4 or 5 daughters, anyway.

So, to Manny's Nonnu. May he rest in God's love and peace.

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