Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On The Way Out...

Some of you may remember my issues with Juliana and with her kindergarten teacher about how they handle her refusal? inability? to follow directions and finish her work appropriately in the time given. I can't go all into it right now, because I have to get ready to leave with the 2 little ones, but you can check back in my archives for an explanation.

I'm meeting with both of Juliana's classroom teachers as well as the school social worker. I thought it would include the school shrink and principal but it won't. We're going to discuss what the "issues" might be and brainstorm on how to tailor our responses to her since there ARE some legitimate concerns. This will also give me a chance to tell them to lighten up on other things. If they become too negative, I'll end the meeting and tell them we'll meet again next week when I can bring an advocate with me. Thankfully, the preschool director will take Anneliese and Gracie in the preschool classroom to play with them so that I don't have to worry. Then when Juliana is done with the school day, if we're still talking she'll go spend time with her sisters until it's time to leave. Wish me luck, I'm getting so nervous about this I've been having to take my Xanax for panic attacks.

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