Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gratefulness Journal

I just realized it's Wednesday and I didn't make my gratefulness journal yet so here goes.

1. A husband who remembered Valentines Day and made it sweet with a Red Rose and a box of chocolates, even if they're stale.
2. Coffee
3. cell phones
4. soap operas
5. FoodNetwork and
6. Adult conversation
7. Baby hugs and kisses
8. Grace's sweet smiles
9. A husband who didn't flip out when he saw the dining room was trashed again.
10. A place to vent when I'm stressing out and anxiety ridden
11. a working car
12. a husband who I know loves me, even when we're having problems
13. daughters who know their own minds and have amazing self confidence
14. I didn't break my ankle when I fell at the school with the 3 kids cuz man, that would have sucked going to the ER
15. A best friend I can vent to and giggle with as if I were a kid again

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