Saturday, February 18, 2006


Sigh. Big sigh. Monumentally HUGE sigh. Come on, ask me what's wrong. Go on, why would I be sighing like a forlorn little hermit when Manny has been uncharacteristically "sweet" and attentive lately? Why, when my girls are all healthy and I actually haven't been sick in a month? OK, actually, Manny is sweet and attentive the way he used to be before kids and while we were dating. It's like he's had an epiphany and yanked an iceberg out of his ass, and I have the man I knew I love back. The moody, grumpy stranger is gone and my Mr Handsome is back, listening and talking to me, spending time with me, being thoughtful and generous. That's enough reason to feel great right?

OK remember how I posted a few days ago about falling on my knees when I got out of Juliana's appointment? Well, my left knee is still bloody and scabbed and sensitive. It was so painful for a few nights I was falling asleep crying but I've been taking Advil regularly to keep swelling down and diminish the pain. It still hurt yesterday but was getting better and I had decided if it hadn't really improved today I'd go to the ER. It WAS better until I fell again. Juliana's stupid Barbie Styling Head was in the middle of the kitchen floor, but the hair color is about the same as my wood floors. So as I was crossing the kitchen with a bowl to get some soup for Anneliese, I literally didn't see the head on the floor and stepped on the hair, slipping and landing immediately on my left knee. Oh how I cried. I've been able to limp around and the pain is managable with Advil, thankfully, but every now and then it THROBS. Oh holy hell and there's a new bruise too, added to the mess of bruising that's under my knee cap. Fresh bruising, how lovely. The flesh there is totally tender and sensitive to the touch, so I'm not sure if I should do anything. I don't think anything is broken, because it hasn't swollen up THAT much, and the knee cap doesn't seem disjointed or "floating" or anything.

Sigh. Oops there goes Anneliese, waddling away with a stinky butt. I guess I'll be back later.

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