Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just How Fast Can Mommy Run???

Why don't we test this question out? LOL

This week is parent/teacher conferences at Juliana's school. I know this because I have one scheduled tomorrow. What I forgot, thanks to losing the school calandar, is that it's half days tuesday through friday. Imagine my shock at having Juliana's school bus sitting in front of the house, and the bus driver telling me it's half days all week. She wasn't ready, since I wasn't expecting the bus for another hour and I had to drive her in within the next 15 minutes. Thank goodness the school is only 1 mile down the road.

I've never gotten all 3 kids ready and piled into the car BY MYSELF so quickly. How, I have no idea because it was insane. Grace woke up cranky and whiny with a stuffed nose. She's been complaining of vague pain so I gave her Tylenol, which helped. But I had to get her dressed. Turtleneck, denim dress, velcro babydoll shoes. While she cries and just wants to lay on the pillow she put on the floor and take another nap after napping all morning. Now, I had been feeding Anneliese in her high chair when the bus came. I knew she was safe because I could see her as I tore around the house getting Juliana, Grace, and the backpack ready to leave. I figured I'd just grab the baby and stick them all in the car. Ha. No such luck.

I thought I had put the bowl on the table but I actually left it on the high chair. Anneliese went to TOWN man, and she had oatmeal and pears all over the side of her head, up and down her arms, all over her hands, and coating her grinning little face. She was so proud of herself she exclaimed "Yook! Yummmmm!" She then grabbed 2 handfuls of cereal and shoved them into her mouth, grinning the entire time. I wiped her down as she screamed in fury at my taking the bowl away, and then in total indignation at wiping her down with paper towels. She did think an unexpected ride in the car was fun .

With Grace crying and Juliana procrastinating, I managed to get to the school but it was crammed with buses and drop-off parents so I had to wait for parking, and then once I did (in the front! yay!) I had to lock the doors with the 2 little ones in the car (they could see me the whole time) while I walked Juliana to the front door then ran back. In my PJ's, covered only with a coat. In flip flops. In 40ยบ drizzly rain.

And dang it if Juliana got to school ON TIME.


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