Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy 3rd Birthday Grace!

My Gracie Frou Frou is 3 yrs old today! She's sweet and charming and lovely to look at with soft, light brown curls and huge hazel eyes. She loves pizza, pasta, chicken, but mostly she loves chocolate and Daddy. She's so delicate... her feelings, her features, her little tiny self. I'm so proud of her and her little girl beauty. We had her birthday party last week, and Gramma had a cake for her today. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing... and my did Gracie go to town! She even blew out her own candles, and held the knife to cut the cake making her very own wish. The entire time, clutching her Bibble doll and a new Baby Bratz she got this morning. The best $6 I ever spent on Gracie ;-).

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