Friday, August 19, 2005

Ready For School To Start

I'm soooo ready for school to start LOL, as anxious and happy and sad and conflicted as I feel about it on any given day. I think Juliana and I are getting on each other's last nerves. But I have a brag on her today. Tracy (BF and SpEd teacher) did a reading assessment on her (unofficially) last night for me, and I'm so proud of her. Her independant reading level seems to be 3rd grade: she can read and comprehend up to a 3rd grade reading level. Her instructional reading level is 4th grade: she should be taught at a 4th grade level. Her frustration reading level is 5th grade: she would have difficulty reading and comprehending 5th grade reading. I'm so very proud of my almost-5 y/o! She hasn't even started Kindergarten yet!

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Nikky said...

WOW, Jess! That is SO wonderful! That is a smart and BEAUTIFUL little girl you have there! Congrats and way to go, mommy!