Monday, August 01, 2005

Manic Monday

I swear for the last 9 weeks I've been going through withdrawals. Our old digital camera broke and was past the warranty. We made a purchase through and just had problem after problem which all amounted to "our camera never showed up." We made the purchase over 8 weeks ago. Long story short, we cancelled the order even though they claim to have shipped it and we bought a new Kodak Easyshare CX7330 at Walmart last night. WHOO HOO! I'm so excited! We've missed 9 weeks of at-will milestone photos of Anneliese not to mention Juli & Gracie too. Moral of this story is DON'T FREAKING BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE LOSERS. Ahhhh vent... feel better... need chocolate to move on.

I'm a photo-holic. Especially since we've had digital and haven't had to buy a roll of film in over 2 yrs LOL. Photos are, to me, the essence of memories. What better way to remember fondly and not lose the vividness of the memory than by having all your photos on a disc? And I LOVE that being digital, I can just grab a couple CD's rather than worry about cartons and cartons of flammable photos. I don't have to print out hundreds of copies just to send them to family and friends. It feels great not "having" to rely on my Mom for recent photos. I mean, come on... I missed snapshots of Anneliese's first solid food (rice) as well as oats, barley, bananas (allergic), apples, squash, sweet potatoes. I did get her 1st taste of peas today, and I don't think she was impressed but she was hungry so she ate them. I also got her practicing to sit with her Boppy pillow. Ahhhh today I'm loving technology. And what better time than the week of our pseudo vacation?!? As long as I'm not in the photos, unless I can strategically position the girls so my cushioning is less apparent LOL. There ARE tricks to that, you know.

We're still trying to decide what to do for vacation this week. Manny is out buying pants and having his brakes fixed, and then we need to think about what to do for the rest of the week. Of course, my 1st appointment with the psych is tomorrow, and Manny has to put the fence up, but aside from that... I'd love to go to the beach and the Mystic Marine Life Aquarium down in Mystic. The kids love that place, and Juliana could stand in front of the outdoor Beluga tank for hours. I want to take them to Gillette's Castle for a picnic too, and maybe to Dinosaur State Park to walk the trails. I'd also love to have dinner one night just me and Manny, whether that means ordering dinner late and eating when the kids are in bed or finding someone willing to take them while we go out for dinner. Ah well, a girl can dream LOL.

On a different note, I absolutely can't believe that my littlest baby is going to be 6 months old on friday. How is that possible? How can she be old enough to be rolling over, sitting up, grabbing everything in sight? She has fast little hands, too. And she already loves the phone, the remotes, and the 'puter keyboard. Her sisters just adore her, and I know that to Juliana the sun rises and sets around Anneliese.

I had a shocking revelation today. I looked at Juliana and realized that there's nothing babyish about her all any more. She's going to be 5 y/o in a month and a half and she's lost all of her baby fat, all of her babyish mannerisms, all that was left of my Baby is gone. She's a little lady. She's also going on day 4 of wearing her real ballerina leotard and skirt. That was a gift from Auntie Tracy and it's her favorite gift ever. She even wore shorts over it yesterday to go to church ;-).

Grace, well... she's still such a baby to me and I'm trying to treasure it but since she's been still teething her 2 yr molars, she's become, well, Toddlerzilla. She won't keep her clothes on and it's a literal fight to get her dressed if we have to go in public. I'm at a loss, but I do know that she's reached a stage where she's testing me and her boundaries. With the PPD I've had, I feel like I'm not up for the fight most days. I worry that she's going to have the infamous Middle Child Syndrome but I also feel like she's "better" than that. I tell them all daily, many times each day, how much I love them. I give them so much attention that sometimes they swat me away. They all seem to be camera hogs though so that's a blessing LOL. If only I could get them to all sit still at the same time for a Sisters photo... hmmmm

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