Friday, July 29, 2005

Letting It All Hang Out

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My blog name says it all... I'm a mommy to a house full of princesses. Three of them, actually, so that would make me a Queen. Juliana is going to be 5 y/o in September. Grace will be 3 y/o in November at Thanksgiving, and little Anneliese is going to be 6 months old next Friday!

I've heard all of the comments. "Awwww still haven't got that boy yet, huh?" "I hope you're done trying for that boy." "Your poor husband, all that estrogen." "You'd better buy stock in Tampax ha ha ha ha ha." "You'd better build another bathroom with another shower." "So does your husband have his shotgun polished?"

Durrr like we haven't heard all those before LOL.

It's refreshing to hear "How sweet! I had all girls too!" or "Neat! Just like me and MY sisters!" or my husbands' favorite "Do you watch Charmed?"

That's my intro for now... I have to tend to their Highnesses for lunch but will be back later.

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